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💑free worldwide shipping on all orders💑

Our Story

Falling in love is one of the deepest expressions of what it means to be human. It allows us to be vulnerable with someone we never knew was possible. In a world with over 7 billion people, we strive to find that special someone in our lives. And when we find that special someone, they deserve special gifts that shows your love and care for them. And that is why we built Couples Nexus.

We strive to essentially be a nexus hub for couples, giving practical solutions to help you express your love and care for them. We want you to feel confident and secure with YOUR relationship. We want to be for the couples who are together, forever.

It is now the time to start being more thoughtful with our gifts (whether that gift be for their birthday, Valentines Day, for an anniversary or just out of the blue!). We want to provide gifts that will remind your significant other of you constantly ranging from jewelry, phone cases, or even DIY gifts that shows your effort for them.


Our mission is to be the nexus hub for your relationship and help those who want to show their love for someone.

After all we are most alive when we’re in love.