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Building Trust in a Relationship

Building Trust in a Relationship

Trust is that deep sense you have that your partner has your best interest at heart, which is crucial to the well-being of your relationship. With trust, anything is possible. Without it... your relationship won’t survive, at least not happily. There’s many ways you can build trust in a relationship, and with the tips below you can definitely get on a good path on creating that trust between you and your significant other.

Don’t lie to your partner

Being truthful to your life partner seems like a no-brainer, but many find it hard to adhere to that. People lie for many reasons, finding creative ways to justify it. “It was just a white lie” or “she isn’t always truthful either” are two examples. Getting caught in a lie is a trust-killer. There’s no reason to lie in a relationship, if you can’t be honest in your words and actions then how can someone trust you at all? Be. Honest. Even when it’s uncomfortable.

Be trustworthy in your words and actions

Perhaps you find yourself constantly late to dates with your partner. This may make her feel the relationship isn’t a priority for you. No matter how many times you say your tardiness just shows poor time management, each time it happens, you have a harder time convincing the other person.

In situations like this, you need to reflect on why you’re always late. If it’s a matter of carelessness, start caring. If it’s losing yourself in the task at hand, set an alarm. Whenever there’s a problem always find solutions to prevent those problems.

In a relationship, you want to enhance trust and support it at every turn. Telling your partner what you will do and then doing it reassures him or her that you actually CAN be trusted.

Trust your partner

Unless you have a legitimate reason not to do so, trust your partner. Don’t let jealousy drive you to spy on them, expecting to catch them out. If you do you’ll begin misreading the innocent things they says, does, doesn’t say, or doesn’t do as proof that they’re not trustworthy. It’ll drive you insane with doubt over the relationship, and for what?

Even if you never make a comment about something you aren’t supposed to know, and never get caught where you aren’t supposed to be, your distrust will show how you think to your partner and the relationship will suffer. Communicate by word and deed that you trust her, especially after an argument, when the relationship is at its highest risk.

Be consistent

If you change your mind from day to day about what’s important to you, you’ll make your partner question what’s going on, undermining their trust in you. They’ll find themselves constantly wondering and never feeling stable. Always think about how your actions and words may affect them. Talk things over before changing course in something significant. This will help your partner maintain an even keel in the relationship.

Side Note:
To maintain trust, you have to tend to it on an ongoing basis. Always remember that trust can be broken in an instant and takes years to rebuild. When you make a mistake, work quickly and diligently to patch things up. You’ll have your work cut out to regain trust, so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get back on track. Trust is a crucial part of the foundation of any relationship, so don’t wait too long before you do what it takes to restore it or it may be too late.